100% Human hair?

A lot of our customers these days have a lot of misunderstandings about the kind of hair they're purchasing and what they should be looking for. So we wanted to share with everyone some key questions to ask , and the answers you should be getting, when buying any type of 100% human hair.

  1. Does it shed?
    The answer should always be: ABSOLUTELY. 100% human hair is made up of very fine & thin pieces of hair - usually being held together by lace. For weaves, they are bundled and sewn together. But it will always shed. Even in the scalp human hair sheds so, naturally, it should shed in another medium.

  2. Why is it tangling?
    For the same reasons outlined before, 100% human hair will definitely tangle if not brushed and maintained. While most people think nappy hair signals bad quality, it's quite the opposite: high-quality human hair will tangle.

  3. Does it need to be maintained?
    Just like the hair on your head, no matter what kind of hair you have, 100% human hair MUST be maintained. This means washing, shampooing, conditioning and treating. While this can be a lot of work, it'll keep your hair beautiful, strong and long-lasting.

  4. Why can't I get that color?
    This is a common misunderstanding nowadays. To explain, let's start with: the brand name does not matter. Remy, Brazilian, etc. - these are all given names for the same kind of hair. Now, the reason that the highest quality hairs don't come colored: virgin hair is THE BEST HAIR. In order to maintain the best possible quality, they don't pre-color or the hair will become damaged. Once colored, it cannot be colored again without risking completely destroying the hair altogether. 


Our customers come in with a lot of great questions and these are just some of the top ones we've received. If you have any questions about human hair, leave a comment below!

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