To heat or not to heat

Posted by Jane Lee on

One of the biggest debates is how to apply heat, how long and up to what temperature. While there's no hard and fast rule for this, these are the basic guidelines we go by when styling our hair.

100% Human Hair - Over 450

Blended Hair - Up to 410 degrees.

Synthetic - Never


There are, of course, some exceptions to this rule. For synthetic hair, it can take very low heat, very briefly. But overall we never recommend applying heat to synthetic hair. 


Blended hair can be a catch 22. While it CAN take heat, because it's blended with synthetic hair, it's better to accommodate the lower tolerance. 


100% Human hair can of course can take all kinds of heat and styling. But remember to treat it with the same TLC you treat your skin - wash, condition and proper drying go a long way to maintaining your beautiful hair for a longer time. 


We'd love to hear about any tips & tricks you might have for styling with heat or just maintaining hair overall. Leave comments below!


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